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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Scientific studies have shown that increasing the oxygen levels in the body can result in improved health. Oxygen is the most vital ingredient to health and vitality, considering we can only live a few moments without it; during normal functioning, oxygen is transported by red blood cells throughout the body. With this unique treatment, oxygen can be carried to areas where circulation may be blocked or diminished, allowing an increased opportunity for healing. 

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is designed to enhance the body’s healing process with natural means. Hyperbaric means “excessive pressure," and although the term may sound highly technical, the concept is rather simple. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are administered in a specially designed chamber, allowing the patient to breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized tube or room. This treatment can greatly improve the quality of life for many patients, especially when more traditional methods have not been successful. 

This oxygen treatment increases the absorption of oxygen in the body, enabling your body to use it in a more useful way, promoting healing and improving your beauty, health, and fitness level. The tissues in your body need a regular supply of oxygen in order to function, and when a tissue is injured, an increased supply allows for better performance. 

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be helpful for conditions like:

  • Acute tissue damage

  • Anemia

  • Arterial gas embolism (bubbles of air in the blood vessels) 

  • Chemical balance (relieving symptoms of PMS and depression) 

  • Chronic circulatory problems 

  • Chronic wounds

  • Decreased stamina and endurance

  • Gangrene

  • Headaches

  • Immunodeficiency (lowered immune system)

  • Preparation of radiated tissue preparation

  • Radiation-damaged bone and soft tissue preparation of radiated tissue needed for grafting

  • Recurring bone marrow inflammation and bone infections

  • Skin graft or skin graft

  • Soft tissue infections

  • Stress and anxiety (treatment can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated) 

  • Thermal burns

When you are evaluated by one of our physicians and if you meet the proper criteria for hyperbarics eligibility, our physicians will refer you to one of our affiliated hyperbaric centers for a consultation.

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