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Diabetic Foot Care                                      

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, simple daily activities can have a negative impact on your feet. Nerve damage, infections, and sores can result, and the toll on your feet combined with poor blood circulation and loss of feeling can turn a minor problem into a more serious medical issue. 

Diabetic patients are at risk of developing neuropathy, or damage to the nerves, which may make it difficult or impossible to feel pain, change in temperature, or pressure. Skin may become irritated or painful as a result of collapsing joints, and this can lead to a lack of nutrition to the foot area. Wounds and injuries may not heal as quickly and bones may weaken, leading to feet deformities. 

Our staff is fully prepared to treat diabetic patients with a thorough podiatric evaluation and simple tests, as well as the proper education about prevention and self-care. Visit the APMA site for more information on the diabetic foot. 

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