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The effects of cancer can result in complications like increased skin irritation or slow-healing wounds on your feet. At Advanced Foot, Ankle, & Wound Specialists, PA, the team offers surgical and non-surgical treatment of non-healing ulcers and injuries in the foot, leg, and ankle. Located in Tamarac, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Boca Raton, Florida, the practice makes it easy to access the personalized care you need. To schedule your visit, call one of the offices or book online today.

Cancer Q & A

How does cancer affect my feet?

Although cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are essential to eliminating cancerous cells, they can negatively impact your body’s ability to heal itself. 

Intense cancer treatments can weaken your immune system and lower your white blood cell count, which increases your risk of infection. Certain cancer treatments can also damage the nerves in your legs and feet, causing peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy causes numbness and tingling and lessens your ability to feel certain sensations. People with neuropathy commonly experience foot injuries without noticing it. Complications like increased skin irritation and photosensitivity can also lead to blisters and other wound-related issues. 

Small injuries like a cut or sore can quickly become an infected, slow-healing wound for cancer patients. 

When should I see a doctor about my symptoms?

If you’re undergoing cancer treatment, you should discuss your chances of developing peripheral neuropathy with your oncologist. 

If you notice changes to your feet like numbness, tingling, or non-healing wounds, book an appointment at Advanced Foot, Ankle, & Wound Specialists, PA, as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment can help you avoid serious complications like gangrene or amputation. 

What should I expect during my visit?

During your visit, you and your doctor discuss your condition and medical history. If you have peripheral neuropathy symptoms, your podiatrist works with you to manage your condition and reduce your risk of developing non-healing wounds. 

Your podiatrist also performs a physical exam, checking for any abnormalities with your feet. If you suffer from a non-healing wound, the team specializes in surgical and non-surgical wound healing. 

After your examination, you and your podiatrist work together to develop the right treatment plan for you. 

What treatments are available?

Treatment depends on your specific foot problem. Your podiatrist may recommend several treatments like pain medication, steroid injections, or physical therapy to manage your symptoms if you have neuropathy. 

If you suffer from a non-healing wound, the team offers personalized and compassionate wound care. They specialize in several advanced treatments, including bio-engineered skin substitutes and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

To learn more about how cancer affects your foot health, book an appointment at Advanced Foot, Ankle, & Wound Specialists, PA, by phone or schedule online today.